Educational program

The Burgenland Croatian Center offers seven different weekly language classes in Burgenland Croatian for all ages and levels of knowledge.

In addition to these ongoing courses, the Burgenland Croatian Center also offers a diverse and multilingual cultural and educational program with lectures, discussions, exhibition openings, exhibits, concerts, and social events. You will find the current program under "Cultural Program" on the homepage of the Burgenland Croatian Center.

Full-day bilingual care for small children is available at the Viverica bilingual children's group.

The individual language courses at the Burgenland Croatian Center have various points of emphasis and are geared towards various levels of proficiency. All courses are led by professionally certified teachers. Courses for children and young people are free of charge.

All courses are given by native speakers. One course for young people provides not only language instruction but also knowledge of the history and literature of the Burgenland Croats; a folk dance course for children and young people offers not only the language, but also practical knowledge of traditional Burgenland Croat folksongs and dances.